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About Pearls Of Life

In today’s busy and hectic world, we are often under continuous pressure – to be on time, to be our best, to achieve it all, to have it all. Along the way, we easily lose touch with what is essential in life; we lose touch with what actually matters and with who we are.


To conquer adversity, challenges, and feeling lost, we need to trust ourselves, as strength and knowledge lie within us. By holding each other's hands and guarding each other’s hearts, we overcome those times more easily.


It is not just quiet time, self-reflection, meditation, yoga, and other practices that help us be in tune with ourselves and the world around us – it is the decision to see and understand more of what is within and around us. To be able to indulge in the beauty this world offers: gorgeous places, the company of people who share our values, heart-warming experiences, and extraordinary culinary achievements.

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Why Pearls of Life?


The pearl formation process is quite mystical and has some of Mother Earth's magic. Like many natural processes in life, the birth of a pearl takes time. But when the process is complete, the result is stunning. Just like the tiny mollusks turn a grain of sand into these exquisitely shimmering, near-perfect spheres, we want to provide what is needed for each of you to be able to remember who you truly are in your essence – and to embrace your most beautiful, shimmering, and perfect self.

Where do we see ourselves on this journey?


Petra is a transpersonal and clinical hypnotherapist, regression and past life regression therapist, life-between-lives therapist, and trauma therapy specialist. By combining her experience, knowledge, and gift of intuition Petra helps her clients and patients liberate themselves from whatever might be holding them back from living the life they desire.



With Petra's unique intuitive therapy background, and Antonija's and Mia's international business and travel services experiences, we create environments and memorable moments for you, so that you can retreat from your daily life and routine, unwind, recharge, reconnect with yourself and heal what needs to be healed. In this environment, you will be able to not only completely relax, rejuvenate and find real beauty within but to heal and let go of anything that no longer serves you. You will learn how to put life into a new perspective and become who you desire to be (she already lives in you).



Our customized trips and retreats are carefully planned to provide you with an opportunity for reaching spiritual growth, peace within, and self-contentment. We make sure that all your senses are engaged while you feel safe and secure so that you can completely relax and let go. 



Join us, explore, experience, and grow with us – we promise you it will be a journey of a lifetime.



Petra, Antonija & Mia

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